Common Threats to Your Loved One’s Mental Wellness


Your loved ones can live more fulfilling lives when they are taking steps to strengthen their mental wellness. Unfortunately, seniors and persons experiencing medical conditions are often at a higher risk of developing mental ailments.

As we provide memory care in Pennsylvania, we understand that a healthy state of mental wellness is key to a happy life. However, achieving strong mental health means we need to avoid the many factors that threaten it. Let’s identify common threats that can hurt your loved one’s mental health:

  • Social Isolation

    Social isolation is a huge threat to everyone’s mental health. Unfortunately, seniors and older adults are at a higher risk of experiencing social isolation as their health can limit their ability to go outside their homes. With the right companionship services, addressing social isolation can be easier.

  • Chronic Stress

    While stress is common and even normal in daily life, leaving it uncontrolled leads to higher anxiety levels. Individuals with compromised health may experience higher levels of stress due to limited mobility and hampered independence. Proper homecare services can address these limitations, effectively suppressing their stress levels.

  • Poor Habits

    Sometimes, poor mental wellness can be the result of poor habits. Poor habits like staying inactive, not getting enough sleep, and eating unhealthy foods can contribute to poor mental health. With a little discipline and the help of a live-in care provider, you can practice better habits that can make your mental health thrive.

Our care providers here at Truvine Homecare Services, Inc., have the skills and knowledge to help you stay mentally healthy. We provide home care in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, to help you thrive at home. Feel free to call us for your inquiries.

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