Is It a Senior Moment or Something More?


Have you forgotten something recently? Have you forgotten that you’ve forgotten something? Do you think forgetfulness isn’t normal, and is it time to look for a dementia care provider?

Suppose you’ve answered yes to those questions as a provider of memory care in Pennsylvania. In that case, we suggest you seek professional medical help to check for any signs of dementia-related diseases. Why? Because your senior moments may not be as usual as you think.

You may think it is just your “senior moment” when it’s not. So, how can you determine which is which? Senior moments are just about forgetting something for a short while. If you can’t remember that now, next time, you will. That’s a senior moment you’ve experienced. But when you start losing your cognitive functions, it can be a sign of the onset of dementia. Especially things you’ve known and done for years seem foreign and incredibly frustrating. When it starts affecting daily life and its routine, we can have significant symptoms of a dementia-related disease.

Here at Truvine Homecare Services, Inc.,  we understand we are reluctant to admit that our senior moments are already signs of a dementia-related disease. We’ve seen that in the years we’ve offered our homecare services. That doesn’t mean we will not provide them the best care possible and lead them to acceptance and treatment.

If you are looking for reliable and respectful home care in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, look no further than our institution. Call today to know more.

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